11-year-old Girl Gives Birth After Her 50-year-old Brother-in-law Impregnated Her| Photos 


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How do you penetrate a child who is only 11? How do some people sleep at night? God needs to come down already.

According to a French page, Konia Media Group an 11-year-old Guinean girl just gave birth to a baby. She was allegedly impregnated by her brother-in-law, Moussa Oulen.

See what they wrote;

“Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here in l’ hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his brother-in-law a criminal named Moussa Oulen aged 50 from gueckedou. What do you think of this man?”

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