Exclusive: Plus Size Mom Whose Family Photos Went Viral Opens Up About Being Fat Shamed, Others


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Plus size couple — Britney and Marcus became online sensations after their family photoshoot went viral on Instagram. But rather than seeing the beauty that made up the family, some users of the app resulted to fat shaming them and calling them all sorts.

NWK contacted the yummy mummy of two — 2-year-old Marcus and one-month-old Braxson, for an interview and she graciously accepted. The preschool teacher, who’s married to a customer service representative opened up on motherhood, being fat shamed, among others.

On motherhood

Motherhood is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me besides meeting and marrying my husband. I never in a million years thought that I could love so strongly and selflessly until I became a mother. Before my first son was born I suffered a miscarriage and it was one of the hardest thing I had to ever deal with in my life so when I had my two boys I witnessed a real miracle! They are my rainbows after the storm and they make me never take life or anything for that matter for granted.

On what has changed about her since becoming a mom

It has made me become more aware of everything. I’m less quick to speak and think more. I always think things through before I react because my reaction could have an affect on my kids. Being a mom taught me how to be selfless and put somone’s life before mine. They’ve taught me more in the 2 years that I’ve been a mom that what anybody could ever teach me about love. I exude love at all times, even when I may not want to, because I know they’re always watching. I want them to love the way God intended us to so I have to reflect that always.

On the challenges of motherhood

The most challenging thing has been getting use to have 2 children. It was a breeze with one. But with two it’s kind of mind boggling to say the least. Even though it’s been a little over a month, I’m still in shock that I have two kids! I’m learning to be patient but sometimes it can be so hard. I now have to try and split my time and attention between two children. It’s definitely a learning experience and I’m learning more and more as the days go by.

On her biggest support system

My husband, hands down!!! I couldn’t do parenthood without him. He has my back, front, and sides. When I slack he picks it up likes it’s nothing. He takes care of us and he makes it look so easy and his does it flawlessly. That man would flip the world upside down to make sure we are happy. I can’t thank God enough for making him my husband and the father of my children.

On being fat-shamed online

I agree. When a photo of mine first went viral a couple months back I would be lying if I said my feelings weren’t hurt. I thought people would see a pic of my family see the love we share but a lot of people only chose to dwell on my size. One thing about me is that I may be overweight (along with the other half of the world) but I’m healthy as can be. I’ve never been a small girl and I never will be… It’s genetics. And you know what, I’m completely fine with that. Me and my husband cook Often so we don’t always eat unhealthy fast food. We stay active with our kids and we actually go to the doctor so we know the status of our health therefore we don’t need random people on Instagram telling us how to take care of ourselves! Lol! We’re grown. We got this. Now that o realize people are all entitled to their own opinions whether is stupid or hateful, I just choose to simply ignore it. Others opinions of me will NEVER affect me because I won’t let it.

On her aspirations for her kids

I want my kids to be whatever they want to be in life, and I say that from the most genuine part of my heart. I’m going to teach my children to ALWAYS strive for excellence. When my husband drops my oldest off at school, after he tells him that he loves him he makes sure to tell him Don’t be good, BE GREAT! Even though he’s only two we are instilling in him the want and need to be great. He’ll start understanding soon. Another thing that I do is positive affirmations every day. I use to say them and he would repeat it but now he knows them and we say them together. “I am smart, I am obedient, I am strong, I am handsome, and I can do ALL THINGS, ALL THINGS, because God said that I can! I want my children to not just be great because we want them to be but because they want to be! We also our children to understand the importance of having an education so everything comes second to learning. You can play and have fun as long as you get your education first!

On her pregnant days

My pregnancy with Braxson wasn’t easy at all but I would do it over in a heart beat. I developed high blood pressure at 16 weeks. My doctor started me on a low dose med just as a precaution but he was necessarily hard on me about taking it every day. Taking the meds here and there seemed to be working because my blood pressure was back to normal. Fast forward to 30 weeks, I went in for my normal appointment. My blood pressure had skyrocketed and I didn’t even know. The doctor texted me for preeclampsia and treated to put me on hospital bed rest until I delivered if I didn’t take it easy. She also told me to start taking my medicine daily and because of the medicine she told me that until I delivered i would have to come in weekly for a Non Stress Test (NST) and an ultrasound to check my amniotic fluids. I did that weekly until i delivered via c section at 41 weeks.

On her hardest trimester

My third trimester was definitely the hardest. All those appointments had me so exhausted on top of carrying a baby, being a wife, and a mother to the boy of all boys, my 2 year old Marcus. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat though.

To plus size parents out there, who are being fat shamed because of their weight, she said;

Don’t ever let the opinion of anyone else stop you from loving yourself! You are truly beautiful no matter what size you are! If you like it, then I love it!

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    Thanks again for featuring me!

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    This is so Awesome! You are an inspiration! Continue to love your family and love yourself no matter what! Every good and perfect gift comes from God! May God continue to bless your marriage and family!

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    I love ❤ it girl that interview was wonderful u put plus size on the map I loved it,not all plus people are unhealthy just like all skinny people are
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