Three Reasons Why We Think 2face And Annie Idibia Should Have More Kids


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Actress, entrepreneur, brand ambassador and wife of music legend, Innocent Idibia aka 2baba, Annie Idibia revealed earlier this week that after two daughters and five step-kids, she and her husband are done with having babies.

Annie with one of her step-sons, Nino

Annie and her girls — Olivia and Isabel

The news which was unceremoniously announced on Snapchat has left fans like me, who were really looking forward to the power couple having more babies, devastated and heartbroken. Although, we respect the couple’s wishes but we are hoping that something happens that will cause them to have at least one more baby and here is why

Isabel and Olivia will have a younger sibling, possibly a baby brother: Have you seen Annie’s Instagram and Snapchat videos of her and her kids? Isabel and Olivia are cute for days and super intelligent. They literary take breaths away whenever they appear on their mom’s videos. Little wonder why lots of fans sleep on Instagram and Snapchat just waiting for them to pop up…having one more of such cuteness wouldn’t be a bad idea if you ask me.

Annie rocks baby bump effortlessly: only a few women looks drop dead gorgeous while pregnant and Annie is one of them. The yummy mummy of two effortlessly carries her bump — especially that of her last child, with so much grace and chic. The Beolive Hair boss is the type of woman that makes you want to get pregnant every other nine months. How she manage to juggle wifey and mummy duties and being an entrepreneur, actress and brand ambassador to several brands, still bits me, but I know she will blow us all away with another baby. Like I swear she’s that good.

Awesomenavies will be happy: Annie Idibia’s fans known as the Awesomnavies will do anything to make their role model have at least one more baby….I know, because I am one of them. Truth is, you can’t know 2baba, his wife and their beautiful kids — all seven of them and not wish that they come up with at least one more. Like they make the cutest babies ever. You can actually argue all you want but I tell you, Blue Ivy and Beyonce’s newborn twins got nothing on them.

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