“How I Welcomed An Identical Twin Girls After 20yrs Of Waiting” — New Mom, Natalie Lugg 


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One of the reasons Nollywoodkids.com exist is to share women’s pregnancy and child birth stories with the world, because we reckon that many new parents have experiences that others can relate to, learn from, and at times take comfort from.

Every now and than, NWK will chat up moms — especially new moms on everything — from the first day they learned they were expecting, to the day they had their babies, the sleepless nights, morning sickness, life as a mom, balancing family life and work — and everything else there is to tell.

Can’t you tell we are excited about all the beautiful stories that will be told via this platform and the many lives that would be touched? You don’t want to miss a story!

On our very first baby bump story, we had a chat with this delectable, sultry and hands-on mom, whose birth story is no different from most women’s but with a unique struggle!

While some women take in as easily as they use the bathroom, others fight infertility like our military troops do in wars, and just like our troops — some win, others don’t. But if you are currently experiencing the latter and you are at the verge of giving up or you have already given up, than this story may be for you! We hope it inspires you to keep on believing and keep on trusting God, because tenacity is one of the qualities possess by a special breed of women called mothers!

20 years after birthing her second child, Mrs Natalie Lugg, a full time business woman based in the UK welcomed a set of identical twin girls – Jazaila and Jaeleah Lugg.

All those years, with a daughter and a son, Natalie desired only one thing — more children. But it didn’t happen. “I have always wanted more children, but it never happened because of my issues,” she tells us.

Natalie has a condition called “cystic fibrosis” which prevents her from conceiving. And although she still have the condition (but it’s under control), the Jamaican is a proud mom of four! Graciously defying doctor’s results that declared her incapable of bearing more children.

I was elated. I totally forgot how being pregnant feels,” she said of how she felt when she learned she was pregnant again. Adding that, “I felt very blessed. This is what I have always wanted.”

On her first reaction when she learned that she was going to be a mother again, she said, “I was absolutely over the moon, I told my son and daughter right away and they were happy for me too. I couldn’t believe it at first so I went to a private clinic a few days later to get an early scan, and on the screen it wasn’t clear to me but then the technician said it took like there’s 2 babies in there but that I would need a follow up because this was very early in my pregnancy. I was so shocked when she said there are two babies, I thought she was making a mistake.

When you and your wife have been trying to get pregnant for a while and nothing seem to be working, Natalie recounts her husband’s reaction when she told him they were pregnant. “He was so shocked and didn’t believe it was twins until he went to the third scan, he was so excited when we found out it was identical twin girls.”

The 40-year-old reveals her two older children are from her first marriage, “and me and my partner have been together for 6 years now, and always wanted children together but it just wasn’t happening because of my issues, but we didn’t let it bother us.”

Speaking on her pregnancy, Natalie who had her babies three months ago through an emergency c-section at just 31 weeks, said, “I was having scans weekly because it was a high risk pregnancy.” Explaining that, “In my pregnancy the placenta wasn’t functioning as it should, this mean that one baby was getting more food than the other which made Jazaila bigger than Jaeleah. And there’s still a little difference in weight now. Also the fluid in my stomach would fluctuate drastically, one week there was no fluid, another week there would be 10cm of fluid around them. This was dangerous because too little water makes the babies not grow correctly.”

Every pregnant woman has that one trimester that is the hardest and almost unbearable, and for Natalie, “it’s the third. That’s when the placenta issue came into place. From about 26 weeks they were telling me they wanted to deliver these babies early, but didn’t know when. So it could have be any week. It was stressful but I was just hoping for the best. In fact I’m lucky that I went to 31 weeks. I had them at 31+6 weeks through emergency c-section.

A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants. Recounting her experience at the NICU Mrs Lugg tells us that, “the first few days were difficult because after the babes came out they were weighed and went straight into the incubator. I was recovering from my c-section, the babies were kept on a different floor, so I couldn’t walk to go and see them as much as I would want to or stay with them too long. But my kids were great, they borrowed a wheelchair and would wheel me to them when I wanted to see them. It’s harder because you just want to hold your newborn, but I couldn’t in the first week because they were tiny and having oxygen given and tubes in their noses. But after that week they were so strong and did so well from there on. Jaeleah was born at 3lbs 9oz, and Jazaila at 4lbs 6oz

But after three and a half weeks, baby Jazaila and Jaeleah were ready to go home. “They came out early because they were doing so well and gaining weight,” the proud mom tells us.

Talk of motherhood! Natalie began her journey at a very tender age of 15, and 25 years down the part, she says, “I don’t really know what it’s like not being a mother. I feel like it’s who I am now and I wouldn’t change a thing about my journey to where I am now. Putting my children first just comes naturally to me, I love seeing them grow and excel, literally their biggest fan.

On being a twin mom, Natalie says, “a lot of people now go to IVF to get fraternal twins but that’s so expensive. People thought that’s what I did, but I didn’t, mine are identical which is the process of 1 fertilised egg splitting in two”

On the ups and downs of being a twin mom, the business woman says, “So many ups, they are learning everyday and it’s beautiful to see, they play with each other and sometimes fight, Leah likes to kick Jaz when they’re in the crib, guess she wants it for herself. Seeing them gain weight too. I can’t even think of a down, sometimes it’s difficult when they’re both crying because I only have two hands but I’m even getting used to that. Breast feeding it also difficult to keep up with because they eat so much, but it’s making them strong so I’ll bare it.”

What’s your funniest memory with your child? For Natalie, “it’s when I was getting Jaz ready for bath time, took her nappy off and held her over the bath and she did a huge poo in the bath tub, over the walls, on me. Then went to sleep and started snoring straight after like nothing happened. I just stood there laughing

Every woman got that weird or wonderful pregnancy cravings, expect she has never been pregnant. Natalie says, “Usually, I don’t eat red meat, just chicken and fish but during my pregnancy I had a really a craving for mutton. I was craving it for weeks and weeks but I just couldn’t let myself because I have not eaten red meet since I was a teenager. I was put off by a lot of foods too, what I normally eat made me feel sick

On what she struggled with the most during her pregnancy, “I couldn’t walk well for the last stage of my pregnancy because my belly was so heavy when I had lots of fluid inside. So I would have to break every few steps, also sleeping because the girls kicked Like crazy, and they still love kicking now *laughs*”

We all agree, that there are certain things every woman needs to know before getting pregnant, and Natalie tells us what she thinks these things are. “I would say that every woman needs to know that being a mom is not easy but very rewarding. A lot of things can stress you and try to take away from the blessing that you’re given. Your body changes, sleepless nights etc. You begin to think less of you and more of the baby growing inside of you. You begin to work hard to give the baby the best start in life. My pregnancy was stressful but looking back now I actually miss it, a life growing inside of me, this is my last pregnancy so I wish I spent more time not worrying.” “A mum is 24/7 365 Job. A mom is someone that holds the household together. People don’t always realise the responsibility that it is being a mother. But it’s rewarding because my older kids are doing amazing in life.

Natalie who owns and runs a full time cleaning business says she is on maternity leave for one year, after that “I plan to go back part time and hire a part time manager.”

On starting her family at 15, Natalie says, “I do not regret having my son, if anything it made me work harder. Made me go back to school after and educate myself, made me start my business etc.” “But I wouldn’t encourage a girl to do it because it made me have to work harder. Although if a young girl did accidentally I’d say stay focused and work hard to better your life.”

Haven walked the part, Natalie shares a word of advice for women who are having issues with conceiving, “Keep trying, keep faith, stay positive and stress free because stress can affect it. Eat well and do as the doctor recommends to boost your fertility. And have a supportive partner that’s there for you.”

And for those moms who are struggling to come to terms with motherhood, the mom of four advises, “you get support around you, to organise your days and time. See a baby as a blessing not a burden, ask for help if they need to because there’s no shame in that.”

Mrs Natalie Lugg acknowledged her Aunty as her support system says, “she raised me since I was 5”

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